Hello my name is Janice, also known as "Passion." I'm a diverse model/promoter/event hostess who co- owns a promotional company called PureChaoticPromotionz.


My creative drive for modeling began when I started taking pictures with motorcycles. Not thinking I was the modeling type I just did it for fun, then one day my life changed. I got my first call to do a professional shoot when I arrived there was a bike on site. After that the rest is history. Modeling became a “Passion” and it wasn’t just a hobby anymore it was my dream. After many years of determination, confidence, and support my dream has become a reality. I have a very broad range of experience including eye candy, promotional, and runway modeling. Being in this business has really helped me network, consult, learn, and be successful.


I take directions very well and give the camera what it asks for. When my dedication is questioned, my accomplishments speak for itself. I am a proud woman with secure curves, and a personality to match. My favorite genre of modeling is runway. However, modeling with motorcycles is my "Passion." I love taking on challenges, recreating shots and collaborating with other models, photographers, and designers.